Unified Investment Protocol

The Future of Decentralised, Collective and Low-Risk investment using a symphony of machine learning and human operators.



UPFUND Scalable Project Investment Network Protocol (S.P.I.N Protocol)

UPFUND’s S.P.I.N (Scalable Project Investment Network) Protocol allows new investors to find and invest in new projects – without having to find and invest in new projects themselves. By purchasing UPFUND, our users benefit from human and machine operators analysing, screening and supporting new projects through our custom vetting systems, which also aim to bind developers to a legal contract, helping to prevent scams. All profits (up to and including tokens) will be distributed to UPFUND holders through a commission system. By holding UPFUND, you are profiting from every single project in our network, all at once.


UPFUND uses its expertise to connect and bridge the gaps, financial and otherwise to support and grow new and existing projects to long-term success.


The more projects we hold under S.P.I.N, the greater your gains grow. By securing many projects under our protocol, your hold in UPFUND will continue to generate stable profits through our operators. One project for the many. The bigger that UPFUND grows, the more projects we can bring into S.P.I.N.


UPFUND holders gain benefits from holding – our experienced operators will manage all projects under our S.P.I.N protocol to ensure the best possible profit margins from every project we help to grow. You receive profits from those projects by holding UPFUND.


Our operators aim to deliver the best upcoming and existing projects to date. With our simple focus on ensuring that we pick the best long-term projects to fund, we intend to create a network of investment opportunities for our holders that ensure both security and profit, while exploring new tech tools that aid in how investors choose to modify their strategy.

S.P.I.N Protocol

The S.P.I.N Protocol works with the best of both worlds, combining human project analysis with data analysis through machine operators. By taking this approach, our investors will have the benefit of quick and analytical data collection (which lets UPFUND know about how strong a project is based on its fundamentals) alongside human operator judgement, whenever a new project is funded by us. Once a suitable project has been identified by our human operators, developers undergo a strict screening process through our standardised forms (we use a 2-fold verification system, KYC and contractual agreement), including wallet checks, prior history as developers and experience. Should they pass, funds will be handed to them to aid with launch.

Operators will then take over, supporting and growing the project alongside the developers. UPFUND will then profit from a variety of ways from the project, which may be through reflections, rewards, interest payments on the loan and more.

Once a project has been deemed stable, UPFUND will exit from the project in a variety of ways, including a burn, transfer or other method deemed non-harmful to the project. Developers who wish to benefit from future funds may contact UPFUND again, should they be able to put up the collateral.


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Meet the Tornado Dev Team

Long-term cryptocurrency investors and DAO enthusiasts who are expanding the possibilities of decentralised project funding and holder portfolio expansion. Our unified goal is to enable project networking algorithms which allow redundancy-friendly profit. Investing in UPFUND is investing in all of our network compliant projects, all at the same time

Eva / CEO
Marcus / Head Dev (CTO)
Laura / COO
S. Williams / CDO
Ben / CCO
Void / CMO

Roadmap 2021 - 2022

Q4 - 2021

✔️Project concept and usecase development.

✔️Website development.

✔️Website launch.

✔️Marketing strategy development.
✔️Creation of social media platforms and  communication paths.
✔️Private Sale to accrue funds for presale  marketing.

🔴Pre Sale
🔴Launch  & Liquidity lock
🔴Start Marketing
🔴Establishing an investor Base of 5.000 Holders
🔴Application CMC/CG
🔴Evaluation of the marketing push and Adjustment (Community Marketing + Online Advertising + Influencer)
🔴Reaching a base of 10.000 Holders
🔴Create an E-commerce opportunities as an additional revenue base for Holders.
🔴Adjusting the marketing strategy to include more social media platforms.

Q1 - 2022

🔴Contract Audit.

🔴Platform & Project development.
🔴Marketing push to increase the holder base .
🔴Finalizing the project concept.
🔴Marketing push to attract potential Clients.
🔴Launching the platform (B2C).
🔴Analyzing and Investing on projects (Start of dividends).
🔴Adjusting the social medias.
🔴Cooperation with beneficial partners in and out the crypto world.
🔴Starting negotiations for potential exchanges.

🔴Cooperation with NFT driven projects

Q2 - 2022

🔴Upgrade the platform to a B2B (added revenue).
🔴Marketing push.
🔴Project development to additional use cases.


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S.P.I.N Protocol







How to buy the Upfund Coin

  • Go to pancakeswap.finance

  • Connect your wallet

  • Copy the UPFUND TOKEN Address from our Website

  • click Add the token

  • Add the number of BNBs you want to exchange

  • Click Swap

If you are still confused with the process please check our video on how to buy UPFUND TOKEN

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UPFUND TOKEN(Use Case) ?

UPFUND is a decentralised solution to aggregating priority project funding. By investing in UPFUND, holders are able to take advantage of our operator's investment and technical analysis portfolio - meaning that the more projects UPFUND takes under its S.P.I.N. protocol, the greater your returns are. By ensuring constant growth, updates and development of our platform, you will receive safe investment options, and part of the profits of all projects within our network simply by holding. In short, investing in UPFUND is an investment into our entire network of vetted projects, all handpicked by our operators.

Why is the team not Doxxed?

Doxxing is the process of revealing personal information about a person and their livelihoods to increase the trust of the holders. The team is not currently doxxed due to a myriad of reasons, the primary reason being that many of the team members are contractually bound to a single role (via exclusivity clauses within their work contracts) which prevent us from doxxing ourselves outright on our project. Some members of our team will doxx themselves in the future once the project has become stable, as they are not bound to exclusivity clauses.

Will the liquidity be locked?

Liquidity is the lifeblood of trading projects. It will be locked through our presale and proof will be provided on completion of the presale and launch.

Is this a rebase token? What are the tokenomics?

You may find our tokenomics on [site URL]. This is not a rebase token. Rebase tokens are those which adjust supply based on the growth or regression of token value based on price action. This is not conducive to a valuable project in the Binance Economy and our team will never use a rebase token.

Will there be any burns?

Yes. There will be an initial burn after launch to increase the token value. Further burns are subject to requirement.

Is the ownership renounced?

The ownership of the project will be renounced once there are no issues with the contract. This will be made clear to all of our holders through our social media platforms.

What are the allocations in this project?

You may see the allocation for this project on our website, found at Tokenomics section.


Yes. UPFUND will create a platform where our investors can view project investments within our network via the S.P.I.N Protocol. This allows our holders to hold individual investments in projects of any interest to them, in addition to our native UPFUND token.

Minted in Polygon.

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